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Each antique carousel has its own path.

Illions Repair
Illions Repair

We are caretakers of a small portion of that path, and feel it is our obligation to be aware of the great history of these carousels. Where it has been, what it looked like as it did its job, and of course the question at hand of what path we will take to guarantee that our actions will best preserve its future for those who will follow us in the same great pursuit. Since we are defined by what we will pass on to the next generation, we believe in being meticulous in producing only quality products. The personal integrity of our company guarantees you will receive only the best from us. We have a highly regarded reputation in the carousel industry, gained by standing behind our word and products with no excuses.

Our company is the only manufacturer of carousels to offer in-house all that is necessary to build or restore a complete carousel. With this large facility and our talented crew we can build a new carousel, from the original conception drawings to the finished machine. By faithful reproduction of original style parts that maintain the integrity of the carousels original look, we can restore tired old treasures, turning them once again into the grand machines they used to be. The knowledge gained from the restoration of old carousels is applied to engineering new designs of carousels, and allows us to design and carve contemporary figures, animals and facades that are fitting to society today.

slider1With the recent restoration project of the Please Touch Museum, Woodside Park Dentzel our company has taken a unique path, where we welcomed aboard an impressive listing of the best carousel restoration people in the business, talented carvers, and top artists from across the country, woodworkers, metal workers, patternmakers, mold makers and CAD draftsmen. These people we have on board will help us raise the bar and continue in a commitment we started to building a great company that builds great carousels.