Other Services

Project Consulting and Coordinating:

We will come to your machine to consult with your maintenance crew, ride operator or local machinist on what the problem is and how to best repair the machine.

  • Project consulting and coordinating
  • Troubleshooting
  • Directly work with the state ride inspector to insure that all aspects of the
    carousel meet the specific state regulations and requirements.

Inspections and Maintenance:

We travel extensively across this country and Canada to inspect and maintain machines.


Some repairs can be made on site and others have to be made in the shop.

  • On-site repairs
  • Off-site repairs



We hand forge our drop rods, guy rods and cranks for use on the new machines built here and for the replacement of worn or broken parts on old machines; meticulously matching the measurements to that of the of old parts.

  • Drop rod- support from sweep to platform.
  • Guy rod- support from sweep to pole.
  • Crank- horizontal rod that moves figures up and down.


With our own in house pattern makers, we are capable of designing new castings or matching old style castings for any part of the machine from the Gears at the top to the High Hats at the bottom.

  • Bearings — we can supply the many sizes used on a machine.
  • Floor Pivot — connects the jumper pole to the deck.
  • Gears — many types and sizes are used throughout a machine. We can provide new replacement gears for anywhere
    on a carousel.
  • High Hats — used under figures to hide the deck mounting. These are our own original design, and cast from your
    choice of brass or aluminum.
  • Jumper Yokes — hold the figures pole to the crank.
  • Pillow Bearings — hold the cranks onto the sweeps.
  • Stirrups — are used to mount the figures. These are our own original cast metal design; featuring three stirrups lengths on each side to accommodate the littlest to the longest legs and have a wider stirrup to provide a better fit for the footwear worn today. In addition we now manufacture a new line of Safety Stirrups.
  • T-bearings — attach the pole to the crank.

Wood Shop:

We have a full woodworking shop capable of doing cabinet work, mill work, pattern work, and accurate duplication of any part. In this shop we do all our own woodworking for each carousel, the parts we build in here are everything from the necessary millwork, the vaulted ceilings and the center surround panels, the facades, the floors and decks, We also do the blocking up of the carousel figures, head and body, and the chariots being careful to correctly orient the grain of the wood in both the new projects and in the restoration of original pieces.


Our millwork is custom fabricated to match any piece of wood on a carousel, all style moldings, facades, vaulted ceilings, decks, and replacement wood beams.

Pattern Making:

We are capable of producing patterns mounting them on boards and gating to produce a fully working pattern ready for the foundry. For many years we have been fabricating patterns for industrial applications for use in the production of metal castings, gears, stirrups, bearings, and all other metal parts found on a carousel.

ADA Compliant:

We custom design and manufacture handicap chariots making them ADA compliant. These chariots are made to blend in nicely with antique carousels and bring them up to ADA compliance without damaging the old original chariots.


We build our own commutators and do all of our own electrical work. Commutators are the magical part that allows the machine to have electric without the wires wrapping around the pole.

Electric Motors:

We use new Electric Motors with a computerized drive unit. These motors have an electronically controlled start and stop function built into the program, and the speed and length of the ride can be pre-programmed, this ensures greater safety and reduces hands-on operation.