The Paint Shop

Our paint shop crew is made up of artists, painters, detail finishers, gilders and sculptors.
We have made extensive use of the top carousel artists working today and can collaborate with the best of the carousel artists and artisans working in the United States, as we did when we brought the “Dream Team” together to restore the Please Touch Museums, Woodside Dentzel in Philadelphia.

The paint shop is where we do the final preparation of all the parts that are to be painted and varnished. We have developed a successful process using different types of paints on the carousel figures. Depending on what the client wants or needs determines the finish that will be used. The paint shops large spray booths are capable of handling the largest carousel parts we need to prime or finish. The parts are sanded smooth, we mask off all necessary areas then the parts are sprayed for a smoother consistent finish. Our finish painter has been described as “the most amazing awesome sprayer of finishes I have ever seen.” We also do apply brushed on varnish by hand depending on what finish the client wants. While everyone wants to paint the figures, we have been very fortunate in having qualified artists that can correctly do both the prep work and “awesome” finish paint.

The grandeur of an era that faded from our lives is being revitalized by our artisans and artists by bringing colorful pieces of history back to life in faithful restoration or reproduction of the original design.