We can restore old machines to working condition. Our crew can disassemble, move and set up a carousel. Our theory of restoration is to save the integrity of the complete carousel, from the figures to the facades, as well as the frame. We excel in reproducing the worn and broken parts and pieces so they look and act like the original ones. Carousels are the oldest type of commercial amusement rides and they would not last long with poor quality parts. With proper understanding of the repairs, care and maintenance, the work we do now will insure the long life of the carousel.

To determine the choices we make in the restoration of a carousel we work with the clients’ needs, state ride regulations and the condition of the carousel and the alterations and updates given to the machine. New Carousels and Carvings frames have metal sweeps; we can however replace old worn out wood sweeps with new wood to keep the machines authenticity.

Our uniqueness comes from our vision of the restoration of the mechanicals and working to keep them looking as original as possible. We do not over restore the figures and facades. Our goal is to maintain as much of the original surface as possible. Over restoration harms the carousel and its history in the long run. Over time a carousel can be re-carved and re-blended altering the surfaces of the animals and facades.

We inspect the carousel part by part including the frame, and determine whether to repair or replace while still maintaining the look and integrity of the carousel frame in the fabrication process of any new parts that may be needed. All parts are properly engineered for safety and aesthetics.

  • Figures and chariots
  • Facades and panels
  • Frames and mechanicals

Carousel Restorations:

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