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Our company’s uniqueness comes from the talented people that work here. It is well known that the quality we deliver is well above our competitors. We are capable of doing everything in house, from the original concept, design and fabrication to installation and maintenance. Read more...

New Carousels

Our new machines are finely engineered to be of the highest standards. Our fabricated frames can be custom designed to the customers needs and installed at their site. To insure proper operation and care each machine comes with a maintenance manual. Read more...


Old carousels have character, soul and beauty. These qualities give each machine their individuality. Our theory of restoration is to save the integrity of the complete carousel, from the figures to the facades, as well as the frame.

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1476 Likens Road – Building 4
Marion, OH 43302
Phone/Fax: 740.389.5842
Cell: 740.815.3510
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Our company is the only manufacturer of carousels to offer in-house all that is necessary to build or restore a complete carousel. With this large facility and our talented crew we can build a new carousel, from the original conception drawings to the finished machine. By faithful reproduction of original style parts that maintain the integrity of the carousels original look; we can restore tired old treasures, turning them once again into the grand machines they used to be. The knowledge gained from the restoration of old carousels is applied to engineering new designs of carousels, and allows us to design and carve contemporary figures, animals and facades that are fitting to society today.